Transense Inspire Open Day
Sunday April 12th 10am - 5pm.


Come and join us for a great day of inspiration. Bring your family and friends!

Spread the word. Its time for you! 

Schedule for the day

10.00am Opening session, Yoga Class (by donation) with Karishma Kripalani.

Therapy talks

11.00am What Acupuncture can do for You. Jennifer Redding
Acupuncture for pain relief, sport related injuries, stress, facial rejuvenation and infertility. Hear about how the community acupuncture clinic gives treatment at an affordable rate and how sharing 'community qi' enhances treatment effectiveness.

11.30am - Yoga Therapy and Awakening Coaching Harriet Ross Yoga Therapist and Awakening Coach.
Every individual has intuitive knowledge about his or her direction, goals, vision and has awareness of the obstacles to reaching their goals. Each person also carries intuitive knowledge about the resources available to assist him or her. Yoga Therapy is a holistic practice addressing every aspect of your being to your deepest sense of self. Lean how to be empowered to consciously participate in your own healing and transformation. As an Awakening Coach I support you in recognizing and dissolving your habitual obstacles that keep you from your full expression and I assist you in directly realizing your potential to be resourceful and clear, embodying your potential in every area of personal and professional life.

12.00pm - How to get Aligned and Connected through Embodied Awareness. Karishma Kripalani, Registered Craniosacral Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

12.30pm - Prize Draws, Talk with Practitioners, treatment sessions, product sampling

1.00pm - 5 Most Unusual Healers From Your Kitchen. Nahid Ameen
Getting overwhelmed with too many supplements? Want to learn how to use spices and herbs instead? You will be surprised to learn about 5 most unusual spices that you can buy and many different uses of them for beauty, vitality and longevity! They can provide us with quick and easy remedies to overcome many first aid and chronic conditions without any side effects.

1.30pm - An Introduction to Reflexology, the gentle healing therapy Janet Williams
Learn about the benefits of Reflexology, who it can help, where it comes from, how it works. Training in Canada with Footsteps Reflexology School at Transense includes Foot Reflexology Diploma program, Hand Reflexology and Indian Head massage.

2.00pm - Reiki, Sekhem and Essential Oils Stephanie Cookson
Reiki is a practice for harmony and wellbeing, beginning with the self and extending out to others. Sekhem focuses on embodied awareness and the heart. Learn about receiving sessions and classes and how Pure Essential Oils can support our practice and all areas of our lives. Stephanie is a Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.

2.30pm - Prize Draws Talk with Practitioners, treatment sessions, product sampling

3.00pm - Pranic Healing & Twin Hearts Meditation Adam Springett - Pranic Healing Instructor, Veronique Fournier
How do we work with energy to heal others, improve our own health, business & relationships? Join us to know more about Pranic Healing, an ancient science and art of energy healing. The Twin Hearts Meditation is a beautiful, simple yet powerful guided meditation for healing, greater peace and harmony and spiritual growth through blessing Mother Earth and our loved ones.

3.30pm - Akashic Records, Healing and Manifestation. Milada Sakic Tranformational Coach and Astrologer
Are you ready to effectively accelerate your intuitive development, achieve powerful alignment with your soul’s purpose and clear limiting patterns and beliefs that have been preventing you from fulfilling your potential? Would you like to powerfully shift and clear your abundance and money blocks holding you back from creating prosperity and joyous wellbeing in every area of your life?

4.00pm - Mindfulness and Letting Go. Patricia Thompson. Psychotherapist.
Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you are mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad.  Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.

4.30pm - Prize Draws Talk with Practitioners, treatment sessions, product sampling

5:00pm Closing.

Treatment sessions (approx 10/15 mins, by donation)

Craniosacral sessions
Pranic Healing
Amethyst Bio Mat
(check back for additional sessions and times)

Prize Draw Prizes!

Private Acupuncture session with Jennifer Redding, 60 minutes.
Reiki/Sekhem session, with Stephanie, 60 minutes
Intro session of Craniosacral Therapy with Karishma, 75 minutes
Amethyst Bio Mat sessions, 30 minutes
Pranic Healing distance healing sessions
Twin Hearts Meditation CD
10% off Foot Reflexology Diploma course, hand reflexology workshop or Indian Head Massage workshop
$50 off basic Pranic Healing course in Toronto (April 2015)
$100 off basic Pranic healing course in Toronto(April 2015)
Transformational Clear Your Money Blocks session with Milada Sakic (Astrology, Akashic Records soul-level healing) 45 mins 
 50%  off the Akashic Records Consultation Level 1 at Transense (conditions apply)
 A ticket for TWO for April 23rd or May 21st Monthly Healing & Manifestation Circle with Milada Sakic at Transense
$10 off workshop at Transense with Nahid Ameen
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
Book from the Transense Store
CD from the Transense store

Available all day

Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and products sampling for a toxin free lifestyle. Sampling and how to become a member, sign ups and great discounts.

Amethyst Bio Mat, the NEW Quantum Energy Pad and Alkaline Water system. Products, information, ordering and business opportunities.

Yoga class and all mini sessions are by donation, $ will be given to Wellspring, cancer support Westerkirk House at Sunnybrook Hospital.

The Transense Open day is a free event. The centre is fully accessible. Do come and join us.
No alcohol is available/permitted on the premises.

Please contact Stephanie for more information tel 416 916 2980

Proceeds of the Open day will be given to Wellspring, Westerkirk House Sunnybrook Hospital, supporting people and their families living with cancer.

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