Feng Shui and the Year of the Horse

with Tila Silverio, Feng Shui Expert

Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 1:30pm

horse 2014-2To learn more and to register go to: FENG SHUI and the Year of the HORSE

How relevant is Feng Shui to today’s modern society ?  More than ever before!

This ancient knowledge on how energy (Ch’i) behaves and how subsequently affect us, plays a vital key in all aspects of life:  happiness, health, prosperity and success.

Take control of your life’s outcome by simply applying the Principles of Feng Shui in your home and office.

In this workshop you will learn 9 Essential Feng Shui Practical Tips that you can immediately put into practice. In addition we will address the significance of The Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse

Gallop elegantly into the Year of the Horse with CONFIDENCE !Open your arms and be ready to navigate the wonderful energy of the Wooden Horse towards a successful year.

Chose to be the best you can be and harvest the essence of 2014, get into the flow with the Principles of Feng Shui :

Declare It!  We will conclude with a POWERFUL CEREMONY. Collectively, we will declare our goals and aspirations for 2014, and with immense gratitude, we will decide to go forward with confidence.

Cost $25. 

Join us ! To learn more and register go to  FENG SHUI and the Year of the HORSE

Tila Silverio, Feng Shui Expert     647.341.2055

TilaTila Silverio is a certified Feng Shui Expert. Owner of Feng Shui Inspired since 1999 and the founder of “The Prosperity Series”.

Tila is fluent on various schools of Feng Shui but continues to pursue and follow the teachings of old masters of Feng Shui. Tila beautifully combines these teachings to best serve her clients, uniquely applies her knowledge of interior design to the Principles of Feng Shui. Thus bringing harmony and tranquility into your space without jeopardizing your style. 

Her passion of Feng Shui is combined with her true desire to help others achieve their life long goals and dreams. Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction at its best. When you feel it … you live it !

In addition to private consultations, Tila is busy giving lectures and seminars motivating individuals to improve the quality of their lives by simply applying these ancient principles.

tila@FengShuiInspired.ca or 647.341.2055


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