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Transense Times                                              January 2012


Happy January.....we have touched the cold, rain and snow and got out our winter woolies and boots :). We are not quite ready for snowmen yet but hope you enjoy the 'sandman' to warm your hearts....

Come and warm yourself at Transense with great energy, love, treatments, sessions, and classes over the next few weeks..details below on....

Crystal Meditation Workshop February 11th 10am - 12pm

Reiki Level I February 11th 1pm - 6pm,
Reiki Level II February 25th 10.30am - 4.30pm
How well do you know your Symbols? Do they work for you? February 25th 10.30am - 4.30pm
Reiki Share
, Jan 26th and Feb 23rd and Practice Development Sessions (ongoing)
Master Teacher Program (commencing Feb, first workshop day March 24th)
Reiki Practice Space   Are you looking for somewhere to practice Reiki, to complete your case studies, for CRA membership? See the below opportunity ...

Sekhem Classes March 17th and 18th (one or two day), Ottawa dates due... and early announcement for July 2012!

Massage Has Many Benefits series, Part 1, read more each month!

Amethyst Bio Mat to keep you warm? Come try the mat and take one home today!

Treatments and Services at Transense

and for this month's prize, your question is.... What is the name of the Goddess sometimes associated with Sekhem? (the answer can be found in the newsletter or by following a link from it - prize for the first correct responder!)

Crystal Meditation Workshop

Saturday February 11th   10am - 12pm

Come deepen your meditation practice and learn how to work with crystal energy. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to;

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Consider and review your meditation practice
Learn how to select and care for your crystals
Explore working wtih crystals
Experience crystal layouts for meditation

The class will include experiential learning and discussion, crystal layouts and meditation sessions.

Pleaee contact Stephanie at 416 916 2980 or email for more information or to register. Cost $38 + HST.

This class forms part of the ongoing Meditation Series which takes place on a monthly basis covering a range of meditation practices and techniques.  
 Click here to read more about the meditation classes at Transense.

All Things Reiki

Reiki I class         Saturday February 11th 1pm - 6pm (plus follow up)

What is Reiki energy? How can I bring healing to myself and others? What is my path?

Reiki I class begins your journey with this wonderful energy and explores the above and many other issues. Learn meditation, self care, Reiki history, Principles, energy systems and the body. Learn to connect with your intuition, with Divine light, to do self healing and to do treatment session for others. Receive your level I attunement.

reiki10pxThis is a one day class with a 2 hour follow up session. A full manual is given and certificate on completion. Cost $195 + HST. Registration required.To register or for more information, please contact Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or  

Click here to learn more about Reiki.

Reiki II class       Saturday February 25th 10.30am - 4.30pm (plus follow up)

Come and advance your Reiki Practice and receive your level II attunement. Learn the Reiki Symbols in a meaningful and dynamic way to enable you to work with energy in new ways. Develop a direct and personal connection with different symbols. Learn distance healing, and what this really means for yourself and others.

Receive your level II attunement, expand to channel increased energy and move along your spiritual path. Cost $245 plus HST.  To register or for more information, please contact Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or email

How well do you know your Symbols? Do they work for you? 

If you have previously completed Reiki II and learned your symbols, but would like to review and learn them in a dynamic and empowering way, you may take the above Reiki II class at the reduced rate of $135 + HST. (any Teacher, any style of Reiki, proof of Reiki II certification or above required). please contact Stephanie tel 417 916 2980 or email

Practitioner Development Program

Practice Development Sessions allow the opportunity to deepen your practice, with supervision, practice sessions and sharing in a small group. The program consists of 6 weekly, 2 hour sessions.  Sessions are held in daytime, evening or Saturday classes.  Call for more information or to reserve your space for the next program starting soon!  Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or email

Reiki Share

The next Reiki Shares will be on January 26th and February 23rd 7pm - 9pm. Everyone is welcome, any level, any teacher, any style of Reiki or Sekhem. Registration is required. please contact Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or email

Reiki Master Teacher Program

The next Reiki Master Teacher program commences in February with the first teaching day Saturday March 24th.

If you are interested in learning more and are considering taking the next step on your path and with Reiki please contact me, on tel 416 916 2980 or email Everyone is welcome. The program can be taken in part or as a whole and at your own pace. Components include; Questionnaire completion, review of previous learning, personal development, recommended reading, class/group workshop sessions, individual sessions, case study completion. Payment plans are available.

Reiki Practice space

Are you looking for somewhere to practice Reiki, to gain experience, complete your case study hours for CRA membership?

Transense has treatment room space available, equipped with treatment table and music. Reiki students or those wishing to develop their practice can rent space for only $15 per hour plus HST.  The following conditions apply; Proof of Reiki certification is required (any style/Teacher), sessions are provided for family, friends, etc. on a voluntary basis i.e. no session fee is charged, students follow CRA Code of Ethics.

Please contact Stephanie for more information and availability on tel 416 916 2980 or email

Click here to learn more about Reiki. 

 Sekhem   March 17th and 18th, 10.30am - 4.30pm (one or two day)

Sekhem - spiritual power and might... clearing whatever is blocking the heart...

ankhr1Come and learn about this wonderful energy and step in to who you are.

If you are new to Sekhem, you will be required to attend the full two day program.

If you have previously taken Sekhem levels 1 and 2, come on 18th. This day is the next steps and development of working with this amazing energy and process.


We have an exciting announcement, Patrick Zeigler, founder of SKHM:All Love, will be coming in July 2012. Patrick first begun to experience the Sekhem energy in the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Full details next month! Hold the weekend of Friday 19th - Monday 23rd!

Come take Sekhem in March at Transense to begin/extend your journey on this path...and be ready for huge shifts and change...

Please call me Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or email for more information and to register.   Click here to learn more about Sekhem.

 Massage Has Many Benefits . . . Part 1

massageatt10pxWith winter now well and truly upon us, many folks are looking for ways to fend off colds and flu. No matter what remedy you swear by, you may consider adding massage to your preventative regime. Multiple studies have found that massage therapy is effective in boosting immune function, both in people who are generally healthy as well as for those with challenged immune systems, such as people living with cancer or HIV. In one study, published in 2010 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers reported that the number of white blood cells (cells that carry out the immune response) circulating in the bloodstream increased with just a single 45-minute treatment!

Want to learn more about massage therapy and its immune-boosting effects? Ask any of the Massage@Transense RMTs (click here) or email for a list of related research articles.

Want to book in for a massage? Email us at or call Julia at 647-459-0687. Registered massage therapy is covered by most extended health plans; insurance receipts provided. Male and female RMTs available.

Amethyst Bio Mat

What better way to stay warm and get great health benefits. Come and try the Amethyst Bio Mat.
The Mat is a combination of three healing properties: amethyst crystal, negative ion therapy and far infra red therapy which help to imporve circulation, reduce pain, boost the immune system, detox and much more. Read more here at.....Please add link to amehtyst bio mat page.

Individual sessions are available at Transense and you can try the Bio Mat on its own or combine with a Reiki or Sekhem treatment session.

Mats are also available for sale at Transense. Own your own mat and do a session every day or sleep on the mat for overnight deep rest and healing.

We currently have one new full size Proffessional Mat and Pillow in stock, take home today!

Please call Stephanie on tel 416 916 2980 or email for more information or to arrange your session or purchase.  Click here to read all about the Bio Mat.

Therapies and Services Available at Transense

Do check out the wide range of therapies and Holistic Services available at Transense and click to read more....


Heart Resonance Therapy


Mitzvah Technique



Akashic Record Consultation

Pathwork Group



Mother Meera Meditation


Craniosacral Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

Polarity Therapy


Bowen Therapy


Special Events

Worldly Goods Products

Enjoy :)

The February newsletter will bring news of exciting times, new Practitioners, offers and some AMAZING programs for the summer including All this space.

With much love and light

Stay warm


Stephanie Cookson,
Canadian Reiki Association Registered Teacher, Usui, Sekhem, SSR, Heart Resonance Therapy, Holistic Practitioner, Registered Nurse (UK-MH) MBA

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