Mother Meera Meditation                              Mother Meera Retreat Centre Visit

Mother Meera 3 smallerMother Meera Meditation is held monthly at Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre in Toronto on the second Thursday of each month.   For the next Mother Meera Meditation date, please see the 'Ongoing Events' box on the Transense home page. 

‘The best way to be near me is to remember me’  Mother Meera

Mother Meera is not physically present at the Transense meditation evenings.

Please call Stephanie on 416 916 2980 to join us for the meditation. 

Mother Meera is an enlightened being from India who is described as an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Her mission is to help uplift humanity by opening people to the Divine light, so they may become more peaceful and happy. 

Mother asked that Meditation Groups be formed and people meet in Her name on an ongoing basis. We meet in Her name once a month, and share in Her teachings, presence and share japa and devotional practice. Mother is not here at the meditation in body, (although is, very much in Spirit). Mother Meera comes to Canada (and travels world wide) on a regular basis and we look forward to Her next visit to Toronto and Port Colbourne.
  • Arrival, social time, reflection.
  • Reading from Mothers teachings, Japa (repetition of Divine name/chanting)
  • Silent meditation
  • Bhajan (devotional song)
  • Silent completion

"For this I came to open your hearts to the light"

We welcome anyone who would like to join us for the Meditations.   Registration is required, please tel. 416 916 2980 or email  

Mother visits and gives darshan in a number of cities in Canada.

We will let you know in our newsletter (or do register for our Mother Meera news on the Transense homepage) when she is coming to Ontario.

If you are interested in volunteering to help when Mother visits and/or to support Mother in her work, please let us know, contact Stephanie at tel 416 916 2980.

You can read more about Mother and register with Mother Meera website directly at

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