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"Stephanie, I have waited a long time before proceeding onto Reiki II as I wanted to be certain to find the right teacher. One that I would connect with energetically, one with truth and patience and love.  You are all that. I'm blessed to have learned from you.  Not only did you teach us but also gave us the tools to become successful in our own practices, be it professional or personal.  Love and Light" ~ Nicole

"My treatment sessions with Stephanie were ground breaking. Letting go of the past and healing had been difficult but with Stephanie by my side I felt safe. I am so grateful for this lovely woman. Working with her has been the biggest blessing. A heartfelt thank you." ~ Bianca.

"I just wanted to say thanks for such a great day of learning. I am very grateful that you welcomed all my questions, and had such helpful answers to things I have been struggling with for a very long time. I just wanted you to know how much that has meant to me." ~ April

In this important time of opening and transition, Reiki can support us in our path and with others.


Please read the below details regarding classes. You can register online (please add click to purchase page) and/or contact me if you would like to register or would like more information tel 416 916 2980

If you would like a class at an alternative time or date, please do let me know and we can arrange additional classes for weekdays, across a number of evenings or weekend to suit individual and small group needs.

Reiki Classes at all levels are taught by Stephanie Cookson. Stephanie is a Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, Registered Nurse (MH-UK), MBA (click here to read more about Stephanie).

No prior experience of energy work is required to learn Reiki. Ongoing support and regular practice sessions are included and students receive discounted treatments during their study period. Classes can be arranged for evenings, weekends or weekdays and are taught individually or in small groups.

To purchase a class, please click HERE.

Reiki I

“The secret of inviting happiness……….the medicine for all illness”

This is the first level of Usui Reiki. The class is for everyone and no prior experience of energy work or practice is required. For those that have experience in other mind, body spirit practices, the class will build on and work along side your existing knowledge and experience.

Reiki I includes introduction to Reiki, meditation and energy focus, the Reiki Principles and applying them in everyday life. Japanese Reiki techniques; Gassho, Reiji-Ho, Kenyoku and Byosen scanning. Reiki hand positions for self healing and healing others. Understanding energy and the body, your first Reiki attunement, ethics and Spiritual law, practice and self healing.

The focus is on bringing Reiki into your life, physical dis-ease, self healing and direct healing of others. A further study/practice plan and follow through sessions are agreed and information given about the Canadian Reiki Association. A full manual is given and certificate on completion of the follow up sessions.

During the class you will learn the history of Reiki, understanding energy healing, energy systems and the body, meditations and principles to practice. You will receive your
Reiki attunement/initiation and will also learn to do self healing and healing with family and friends. The cost of class is $225 + HST.

To register, you can pay online by clicking here or call/email to register and for more information, tel 416 916 2980

Reiki II

“Expanding consciousness and increasing positive vibrational energy”

This class is for those who have taken Reiki I (at any time with any Teacher). We will recap on previous learning. This is a great opportunity to forward your Reiki practice and to learn working witih symbols and mantra. I teach the Reiki symbols in a way that brings them alive and as a meaningful practice for you and for working with others. In addition you will learn distance healing and receive your second level attunement and more.. urther reading, personal study and practice guidance requirements area agreed.

A full manual is given and certificate on completion of the follow up sessions. Reiki II learning/initiation goals are;

To build on Reiki I in further understanding and practice of Usui Reiki. To learn and practice Japanese Reiki techniques. To learn three Reiki symbols in a dynamic and meaningful way. To learn distance healing. To receive level II attunement for deeper connection to Reiki energy and initiation to the Reiki symbols. To practice healing others in hands on and distance healing. To develop an understanding and sense of Reiki/Spirit guidance and energy. To facilitate physical, mental, emotional and higher self healing for personal transformation.

The cost is $285 + HST including teaching day and follow up, full manual, certificate on completion. You can register by clicking here (please add purchase page) or call or email me as above to register.

Practitioner Development

Come learn about and experience Reiki with other practices, deepen your personal practice including Reiki and crystals, Reiki and sound, Reiki and being in the body. Practice Development sessions are a small group supervision/learning environment.

Sessions include:  Reiki and crystals, Reiki and Sound, Reiki and Essential Oils

Registration required, register for one or all sessions.

This program is a great addition to your practice and preparation if you are going to do the Reiki Master teacher Program.  

Practitioner Development sessions are usually 3 hour classes and can be taken over a series of evenings or workshops and a designed to deepen and focus your Reiki practice with yourself and others. They include combining Reiki with other healing practices, business aspects and working with clients and the opportunity for detailed practice time and feedback. These sessions provide the opportunity for more detailed support and supervision in treatment practice. Level II Reiki Practitioners have found this program very beneficial before proceeding to Master level.

The cost is $40 plus hst.   Please call or email to register of call for more information.

Reiki Master Teacher Program 

Reiki Master Teacher Program is for those who have previously completed level I and II.  The program includes questionnaire completion, reviews, workshop days, recommended reading, Reiki practice and case studies, personal work and individual sessions with both Reiki and personal mastery. The program includes and extends beyond the requirements for Master level with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Please see the below schedule:

Registration (including first payment) 
Questionnaire completion and return 
Workshop dates
Recommended reading
Case study practice
One to one progress/review 
Individual Reiki sessions with Stephanie. Minimum of two sessions, one between each workshop date to be booked in. To be undertaken at own additional cost

Cost of the program $850 + hst, plus 2 individual sessions at $95 + hst per one hour session. Payment plan available. 

Please note the requirements for completion of the Master Program and to receive your certificate include; attendance at the above, completion of 24 hour case study hours and reading. 

Participants should ensure that they are able to allocate time to do the work involved. Alternative dates may be set as required.

Please contact me for more information or to register. tel 416 916 2980

Reiki Master Teacher Day, for all Reiki Masters, Reiki Master Teachers who took their Master/Teacher class with Stephanie, ever! A day of sharing, practicing, learning and updating together on all things Reiki. Share and grow. Fall date TBC. Check your inbox for an email or contact Stephanie for more information.

Reiki Share

Everyone welcome with any style of Reiki or Sekhem, any level, Teacher or experience.

Reiki Share is the opportunity to practice with others on a regular basis. We have opportunity to share experiences and questions, meditation and practice time around the tables. A wonderful safe learning environment where you get to both give a receive Reiki.

Reiki Share is the last Thursday of the month (email to confirm monthly or to register for the email list reminder). The cost is $10. Please call me to attend and/or be placed on the Reiki Share list.

Just for Today

Understanding and Living the Reiki Principles is a one day class focusing on the five Reiki Principles and practices to deepen their experience in our lives. The class includes learning from different perspectives, meditation, chanting and personal reflection.

Please call or email to register or for more information.

Understanding the Reiki Symbols

This 3 hour workshop takes a more detailed look at the Usui Reiki symbols. Each symbol is reviewed and taught in a refreshing, dynamic way bringing greater understanding, personal connection and application. The class is suitable for all those who have taken Reiki II/ received Reiki II attunment (any style of Reiki) or above.

Please call or email to register or for more information.

To register for any of the above. Please click here  and/or contact me to register or if you would like more information tel 416 916 2980

I look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

With love and light


Stephanie Cookson
Registered Practitioner and Teacher, Canadian Reiki Association (06-061)

To purchase a class, please click HERE.

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